About Us

We are the family that rescued The Rockster all those years ago, and a deep love of dogs and children guides us every day.

Traditional and family values are central to everything we do. We pride ourselves in our transparency, traceability and using the highest quality ingredients that money can buy.

Just as our dog’s loyalty and love is absolute, we understand only too well how they, like our children, depend on us for food.

The effect of The Rockster's superfood was so life-changing that after nearly a year, and spurred on by the birth of the Pupsters, it convinced us of the power of unprocessed, natural food and the absolute importance of the health of the gut. 

For many of us our dogs become our rock in life, our rocksters, always there with a paw whenever we need a hand. One of the few gifts in life we can give our beloved dogs and children are foods that not only will they truly enjoy eating and drinking, but  also provide a nourishment that will enhance their life in every way…

Remarkably, The Rockster went on to become one of the oldest dogs alive in the world at over 21 years old, having also fathered a healthy litter of puppies at the grand old age of at least 18...

We really hope you, your dog, and your whole family will enjoy discovering the benefits of Rockster, and we would be delighted to hear from you on bark@therockster.com

We truly hope Rockster products ROCK your family's world, and thank you for finding us.

With all our love,

Zoe and Sven 

Zoe and Sven Ley