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Antioxidants: What are they and why are they so important for health & longevity?
Rockster foods contain more antioxidant rich content than you would expect to find in a pet food. But what exactly is it that they do and why are they beneficial to health?
Decoding DCM, Diet & Amino Acids... Why do we exclude not only grain but also peas, lentils and legumes?
Are you confused about the current furore regarding DCM in dogs (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) and possible connections to diet, grain free diets in particular?!
Yes we CAN! Is it really possible that a canned food could be healthier than fresh or frozen?
Contrary to some opinions, canned foods can present a viable alternative to fresh and frozen foods regarding nutrient content. Nutrient levels in foods can vary quite dramatically; factors such as source, processing and storage methods contribute to these variations.
Why is Rockster the perfect solution during COVID19 Pandemic
Junior Hudson explains why Rockster provides the perfect dietary solution for your dog during, and after, this unprecedented crisis. Many pet parents who feed raw or fresh diets are concerned that their dog won't receive the perceived nutritional benefits of...
Rocking Leake Street, Doggy Style…

We ROCKED the Doggy Style Market @ 26 Leake Street: London's largest indoor doggy market!

Pop-Up Crossbreed Café in London

The Richmond and Twickenham Times has proudly covered the great event which we are helping to host in Richmond this Sunday: the Pop-Up Crossbreed Café!

My Honeymoon Rescue, By Mamma
It’s amazing to think that 14 years have gone by since that fateful day when The Rockster entered our lives on the steps of La Conca del Sogno during our honeymoon....
Eva and Amelia's World Review: My Rockster Story
One of the UK's top 10 Pet Blogs, Eva & Amelia's World, is all about a girl and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel exploring dog friendly places in London and their story is one not too dissimilar to our own...
From One Street Dog To Another...
Last Sunday I hosted a Strand Christmas Feast for Dogs On The Streets London...
Happy First Birthday Pupsters!
It's amazing that a whole year has passed since they were born - it seems like just yesterday that I met these tiny squeaky bundles of fur that were barely the size of a human hand!
Making headlines, I have been in The Times recently!
I was featured in The Times last weekend with the Pawsome Pupsters! They even called the legendary Rockstar and dad-at-73 Mick Jagger a mere Stripling compared to me!!
Whoever Said Labradors Eat Everything Should Watch This Now..!
Labradors are renowned for their lack of discerning taste in food, with little care for what they are eating! But we have been sent a video of a Labrador that suggests otherwise...
HE'S A ROCKSTER: Rescue leads owners to Dog Superfood initiative

Mum's article has just gone live in Hot Topics in Dogs Monthly! Check it out!

Betty's Rockster Review
Edinburgh's leading pet food store House of Hound chose Betty (a 7-year-old miniature Labradoodle) and her owner Claire to perform a complete MasterChef-style review of Rockster food. Read the full report of the ultimate palatability test on Rockster Superfood from the House of Hound's very own Gregg Wallace!
If you are looking to go abroad during the fast-approaching February half-term or during the Easter holidays, Rockter has teamed up with the leading dog-sitting site TrustedHousesitters to extend the valuable care of our beloved dogs beyond nutrition to their well-being whilst you are away and travelling.
Rockster Has Landed In France
Rockster Superfood is now available in France, through France's leading vet Dr. Thierry Bedossa and his fantastic Clinique Vétérinaire du Pont de Neuilly in Neuilly-Sur-Seine...
Rockster’s year in review 2016
Wow, what a year it has been! I started 2016 as a much loved stray from the back streets of Naples, who had been rescued all those years ago from La Conca del Sogno, happily spending my old age enjoying my superfood each day from unmarked cans…
From Santa Paws with Love
As a street dog myself I know only too well how much every act of kindness counts. Last Friday I was honoured to be Santa Paws, personally delivering Christmas boxes of my superfood to dogs living on the streets with their homeless owners...
Introducing “The Pawsome Pupsters”
Together they are known as the Pawsome Pupsters, but now each of my miracle Pupsters has been given a name! Read more to discover the individual names and the stories behind them.
Win a month’s supply of Rockster Superfood!
The Pupster Challenge is your chance to win a month’s supply of Rockster Superfood!
Pupdate and “The Pupster Challenge”
Wow my miracle Pupsters are growing fast and I can’t believe they are already a month old! Their eyes are open, the first wobbles have turned to proper steps and even little leaps! They even have their own Instagram account @the.pupsters where you can get daily updates. Two are even developing my spots! We’ve decided to engage your help in naming them, and are calling it “The Pupster Challenge”.

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