Introducing Rockster Food

"Rockster can be mixed with any diet. Whether you are currently feeding a raw or cooked diet and need a nutritious easier option or wishing to superboost lacking nutrients in other commercial diets. Rockster is the perfect complement."

Introducing Rockster Food

Transitioning to Rockster Superfood or mixing with existing dry/raw/cooked diets.


  1. Look up the calorific content per gram of the foods you intend to mix. 
  2. Determine the overall calories of the food you wish to mix Rockster Superfood with.
  3. Add this amount to our Mixing Calculator below to help you work out the amount of Rockster Superfood to add to your Dog's daily diet.

Mixing Calculator

Given the many variables affecting the energy requirements of an individual dog, no single formula will allow us to calculate the energy requirements for all dogs. Variables such as age, neutered/intact status and metabolism mean this guide can only be approximate. Adjust feeding amounts if necessary to maintain your dog's ideal weight and condition.

Many owners are likely to over-estimate their dog's exercise levels and this may lead to over-feeding. In light of that, it is important to note the following;

  • LOW / Dogs walked on lead only OR less than 1 hours off-lead exercise
  • MODERATE / 1 - 3 hours low/moderate impact exercise
  • HIGH / 3 - 6 hours exercise (Working dog/sheep dog etc)

Transitioning to 100% Rockster OR continual mixing

Although an immediate switch to Rockster should not cause any gastro-sensitivity for most dogs, we recommend a slower transition if in doubt. Start adding 1 tablespoon of Rockster into each meal whilst subtracting 1 tablespoon of current diet. Over a one week period, transition gradually from 1 tablespoon to 100% Rockster or desired, continual mixing amount.