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We are the family that rescued The Rockster all those years ago. The Rockster Limited is a family-owned business based between London and Munich formed solely to allow other dogs around the world to enjoy all of the benefits of his superfood.

Traditional and family values are central to everything we do. We pride ourselves in our transparency, traceability and the highest quality that money can buy.

Just as our dog’s loyalty and love is absolute, we understand only too well how they depend on us for food. For many of us our dogs become our rock in life, our rocksters, always there with a paw whenever we need a hand. One of the few gifts in life we can give our beloved dogs is a food that they will not only truly enjoy eating but a food that will also enhance their life in every way…

We really hope you and your dog will enjoy discovering the benefits of Rockster food, and we would be delighted to hear from you on or through our social media.

Why not tag a picture of your dog with #my.rockster and we’ll post it up on our site and Instagram!


Zoe and Sven Ley

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