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Pet FOOleD
The release of Pet FOOleD this week in the US has highlighted exactly why Rockster Superfood is so special...
A Dog's Dinner in Vienna
This week I hosted a pawsome dog’s dinner for 40 dogs with Heimtiertreff in Vienna, which ROCKED and we all ate Rockster Superfood on a dog’s dining table much to the delight of us all! I can’t believe so many people and pooches came to meet me – I’m beginning to feel quite famous! What a change from life roaming the back streets of Naples…
I'm a Daddy!
Wonderful Breaking News: Despite his age, The Rockster has fathered 4 healthy and beautiful Puppies!!  Official: Rockster Superfood reaches the Parts Other Dog Foods Can’t Reach…!  We are very excited to share the news that The Rockster has, despite all...
My Month by The Rockster
Mama Mia! What a month it has been! Just when I thought life was bound to get a bit calmer (!) I’m finding myself being stopped in the street with people like Valerie who is the Chelsea Food Queen (@foodqueenchelsealdn) knowing my name!
More and More Places across Europe are selling Rockster Superfood!
We are so excited that each week brings more places where you can buy Rockster Superfood! In Munich, Kafer decided to sell something to feed doggies and made a beautiful display of Rockster Superfood, selling out of its first delivery in a day!

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