Introducing “The Pawsome Pupsters”

“Rockster Junior (RJ)” Vitus Fausto Balu

I’ve been named after my Dad, The Rockster, who was rescued from La Conca del Sogno many years ago.  On his journey there, legend has it, he met the famous Vito who lives in the Cave Canem in Pompeii.  It was Vito who inspired my Dad to continue his difficult journey by teaching him takes a heart to dream, and courage to make those dreams a reality.  Saint Vitus is actually the Patron Saint of Dogs, and Fausto means lucky. Aside from looking like a little bear right now, Balu actually means “lucky”, “fortunate”, or child” in Hindi. 

Thank you to Carla Queiroz, Norma Ferguson and Allison Crosby who came up with RJ, and Agnes from @pawofakind who sent in the names of Fausto and Balu!!!  You ROCK!


“Heartster” Tesoro Angelica

I was born with a perfect heart on my bottom, and have a particularly angelic look about me.  As legend has it, my Dad was expelled from Napoli by Corleone after his Mama, Angelica, died.  She was loved by Vito di Pompeii who helped my Dad reach “La Conca del Sogno” from where he was rescued.  Tesoro means “treasure” in Italian and given that I look like a bit of an angel myself, I have also been named after my Dad’s Mama too.

Thank you to Elisey Pasenichov for coming up with Heartster, Anne Prevost for suggesting Tesoro and Carolyn Burns for coming up with Angelica! 


“Trickster” Bella Tesoro

I may look angelic and like butter would not melt, but you name the trick I can sneak it in when you least expect it… Since my Dad, The Rockster was born in Napoli and rescued from “La Conca del Sogno” many years ago, like my sister I carry the name Tesoro which means Treasure. I am also very, very beautiful. So my middle names together mean “beautiful treasure” which ROCKS!!!

Thank you to Daisy Summers for coming up with the name Trickster, Anne Prevost for brilliantly bringing Tesoro to our names and Annabel Elwes for pointing out Bella must be in there somewhere too!


“Dracster” Fausto Rocket

I am the darkest of all the Pupsters with the most resemblance to Count Dracula.  After my Dad was rescued he was notorious for his escapades and sense of fun., especially in his favourite place St Moritz. My Dad famously used to take himself to the Dracula nightclub, while everyone searched the mountains for him!  We are all kind of miracles given how old Dad is, so both my brother and I have Fausto in my name which means “lucky”.  Rocket is there as a tribute to Dad as well as describing how fast I can actually run! 

Thank you to the legendary Rolf Sachs, president of Dracula for suggesting my name in honour of my Dad’s history, Agnes from @pawofakind for coming up with Fausto and Lysandre Alter for brilliantly suggesting Rocket!