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What is special about Rockster superfood?

Why is Rockster more expensive than other “human-grade” foods out there?

What percentage of meat content is there in Rockster recipes?

Has there been clinical evidence of the benefits of superfoods in dogs, not just humans?

Why is my dog farting less after being fed a Rockster diet?

Is Rockster food a complete food?

Is the food grain-free?

Are fillers or meat “derivatives” used?

Is the food certified?

What is the difference between “Organic and “Bio”?

Where is the food made?

Where do the ingredients come from?

Is Rockster suitable for allergic dogs?

Isn’t it better to give my dog food fresh food prepared at home?

I currently feed my dog raw food, how is Rockster food better?

How should I change my dog to Rockster food?

My dog is a very fussy eater and will never eat commercial food, should I try Rockster?